At Pakuranga Heights we have a smart, comfortable uniform that allows students ease of movement throughout the day. The uniform is compulsory for all students.

The uniform consists of a unisex polo top worn with a polar fleece or sports jacket with a combination of four different bottoms:

Girls: skorts or culottes

Boys: shorts or trousers

All children must wear a school sunhat when outdoors in Term 1 and Term 4.



Sports Uniform

Our uniform is designed to be worn for all school activities, including physical education. The school supplies sports uniform for students to wear when representing the school at interschool events. We will sometimes request that students wear a t-shirt of their house colour on school sports day.


Students are expected to wear plain black footwear at all times. In the summer months children may choose to wear sandals without socks. When students are wearing closed toe shoes, these must be worn with plain navy socks.

Additional Items

Girls may wear navy blue stockings or tights underneath their skort or culottes in the winter months. All students are permitted to wear a navy long sleeved garment or navy tights underneath their uniform if they have religious beliefs or customs which require it. Leggings are not permitted.

Hair Ties

All students with hair past their shoulders are required to wear it tied back for health and safety reasons. Students are encouraged to wear plain hair ties that are the same colour as their hair. If students choose to wear scrunchy-type hair ties or head bands they must be navy blue or red.


Ordering Uniform

Uniform can be tried on and ordered via the onsite uniform shop. We do not hold stock and uniform generally takes up to 1 week to arrive once it has been ordered.

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Term time:

Monday 8am – 9am

Wednesday 3pm-4pm

Towards the end of the summer holidays the uniform shop will be open for a number of days to support beginning of year uniform purchase. Please see the school calendar for these dates.

Alternatively, it can be ordered directly from Argyle:

Uniform Pricing


Polo shirt


Polar fleece jumper





Long pant











Bucket hat


School cap


School beanie*


School socks – single*


School socks – 3 pack*


* Only available from school