Newsletter – 9 March 2020

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Access to School Grounds After Hours

From time to time we have issues with older students after hours who are not from our school. The issues are around inappropriate music, bad language and general attitude. We have since banned these older students from entering our property. There is a misinformed belief that schools are public property therefore anyone can access them anytime, this is incorrect as schools are deemed private property and come under the bylaws of the School Board of Trustees.

If you see any inappropriate behavior please inform us straight away. Only older students who have siblings at this school may enter in order to pick up their brother or sister as long as they respect our school and community.

Student Safety                                                                                                                         

We want to encourage and grow student ownership around safety.

Clearway Signs on Udys Road

Many of you may recall before we had the clearway signs on Udys Road that the traffic came to a gridlock. The clearway between 8.30 am and 9.30 am and 2.30 pm until 3.30 pm has been very successful. This helped not only with traffic flow but the safety of all students and families.

Just a reminder that parking on the curb in these areas is unsafe and illegal.  The council do issue parking tickets regularly.

Please use the school crossings

We strongly encourage all students and parents to use the school crossings. Besides the obvious safety issues, it is also respectful to the student patrollers and staff are giving up their time to ensure your child is safe.

Our staff have also witnessed a number of close calls when students and parents fail to use the crossing, please help us keep our community safe by modelling the correct use of the crossing and encouraging your child to do the same.

Swimming Lessons

We are very fortunate to have access to free swimming lessons and transport to the pools. The children are divided into three ability groups and each group benefits from having their own swim coach. It is really important all children learn the basics of surviving in and on water especially since NZ is an island surrounded by water.

Reporting to Parents

Thank you if you were able to attend the parent partnership meetings, we had an excellent turnout.

At Pakuranga Heights School it is acknowledged that encouragement and support from parents, whanau and carers are important elements in the learning process.  This partnership is the foundation of our vision ‘Reaching new heights together’. 

Last year the Education Review Office noted one of our key strengths as ..

‘Reciprocal community relationships that constructively support students’ learning, progress and achievement.

It is vital that parents, whanau and caregivers are well informed.  Reporting to parents, whanau and carers occurs through:

Establishing relationships: a ten minute discussion within the first month of school for parents to share their aspirations for the learning partnership with their child’s new teacher.

  • Written reports: mid-year to show progress and achievement and at the end of the year.
  • Three-way conferences: after mid-year reporting to discuss progress and learning goals towards achieving the National Standards.  This is a vital time to encourage your child and show how home and school work together
  • Assessment data: shared as necessary ongoing throughout the year.
  • Parent information evenings and workshops
  • Informal conversations throughout the year with your child’s teacher
  • New entrant, school entry assessment: this is shared with parents after six weeks of schooling
  • Six year observation survey: information from this assessment is shared with parents soon after your child has turned six years old

Coronavirus Updates

We are regularly sending out updates as we receive them from the Ministry of Education and the Health Department. Please read these carefully.

Some common sense guidelines include:

  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Getting a flu shot this season
  • Stay away from sick people and don’t send your child to school if sick
  • Face masks don’t really help
  • If not sure about your health or someone you know seek medical advice

Fintan Kelly




24th Feb the PTA had their first meeting of the year alongside the AGM. We saw some new faces attend which was great and the following people are now in their new positions for the coming year:

Chairman – Tara Fletcher
Co-chair – Paulette Shirley
Treasurer – Paulette Shirley
Co-treasurer – Matt Rowe
Secretary – Gillian Ardern

Upcoming PTA Events
Term 1

After the huge success of the term 4 disco, we are doing it all again! This time, Summer style. Never mind it is Autumn, come dressed like it’s still summer for Mufti day – $2 to participate (otherwise please come in uniform)

Continue on for the Disco later that afternoon. Details as follows:

Date:     Friday 27th March
Time:    Pre schoolers / Jnrs – 3:15pm – 4:30pm
Middles / Snrs – 5pm – 6:30pm
Cost:     $3 per person

Pre-payment can be made now via KINDO or paid to their teacher on the day.

There will be pizza, sausage sizzle, ice cream, drinks, glow sticks, games and so much more. Mark it in the calendar and don’t miss out.

Suggestions? We would love to hear from you…….
If you have a suggestion on what you would like the PTA to do please get in touch with us or pop along to a monthly meeting. We are going to be making an effort to alternatively have meetings after school so that more parents can come along and see what we are about.

We are always looking for fun and new ideas and would love to hear from you!

Email –


Pak Heights Primary Parent and Community Page 

Do you have a Facebook account?  If so, please join the Pakuranga Heights Primary Parent and Community Facebook page. This is an online space to connect with other families, ask questions and share local information.  Click on the following link or search for Pak Heights Primary and Community.

Upcoming events

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