Newsletter – 10 February 2020

Nau mai haere mai, Greetings | Tena Koutou | Talofa Lava | Malo e Lelei | Namaste | Ni sa bula | Noaia’e mauri | Fakalofa lahi atu | Kia Orana | Asalam Alykum | Ni Hao | Konnichiwa | An Nyung Ha Sai Yo | Nay Ho | Goeie Môre | Привет

Welcome back to the start of an exciting year of learning, friendships and challenges for your child.


We wish Mrs Antonia Burton farewell in Week 4 and Mrs Claire Stretch in Week 6 as they go on maternity leave.

Pakuranga Heights continues to grow and we are delighted to welcome on board our new teachers Miss Emma Parker, Mrs Adelle Hunkin, Miss Taylor Gill and Miss Leanne Su.

Learning Support

We have eight highly skilled and dedicated Learning Assistants at Pakuranga Heights who support students across the school in classrooms and specifically with literacy and numeracy.

The intervention programmes we use currently are:

  • Quick 60 literacy intervention
  • English Language Learners Programme
  • Reading Recovery
  • Patch Play and Talk to Learn Oral Language programmes
  • SPRING into Maths support
  • Reading mileage support.

Our Learning Assistants are: Mrs Chris Heaven, Mrs Michelle Alexander, Mrs Jean Wilkinson, Mrs Liz Watene, Mrs Bronwyn Bowden, Miss Nooriah Sayed, Mrs Coralie Buchanan, and Ms Lisa Chadderton.

Student Support

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, first and foremost the classroom teacher is your first point of contact. If you are still concerned please see the team leader or Mrs Margaret Walker whose responsibilities include behaviour and learning needs. If you have any concerns regarding health, custody issues, special needs, or require support with attendance or behaviour issues, please make an appointment with Mrs Margaret Walker. For questions on the curriculum or assessment, please make an appointment with Mrs Sue Kandasamy.



The Middle School Sunshade

This is on track to be in place during Term 1. This will make a huge difference to the time spent outside in sun safe areas and when raining.

Security Cameras – outside

Security cameras are operating around the school to help deter vandalism and burglary.

Classroom Interactive Technology

We are gradually replacing fixed projectors in classrooms with interactive TV units. This way the students and teachers can use them as a learning and teaching tool and they can be moved around the room.

Grounds and Office

Thank you to Mr Mears for ensuring our school looks attractive, clean, tidy and safe. Mr Mears takes great pride in what he does and this is evident in the lovely school environment he maintains for the community.

Thank you to our office staff of Kristina, Toni and Arianne who have been working hard to ensure a smooth start to the school year. If you have any questions regarding stationery, uniforms or payments please see our friendly team.



School sun hats are compulsory during Term 1 if the children are playing outside. The school provides free sunscreen in all classes.


It is expected that all students wear the correct school uniform. This includes hats, trousers etc. Thank you for your support.


Last week we spent two full days planning the year ahead and sessions on the Curriculum as well as team building activities.


To alleviate traffic congestion during peak times, we ask that you follow these tips when picking up or dropping off your children:

Use the pick-up/drop off zone to do just that, no stopping or leaving your vehicle in this zone.

  • Move to the front of the drop off/pick up zone before your child exits the vehicle
  • Drivers are not permitted to turn right when exiting the drive through
  • Ensure your children exit the right side of the vehicle and walk along the footpath to the pedestrian crossing
  • Please refrain from making u-turns during busy pick up and drop off times
  • Do not park in neighbouring driveways
  • Please abide by the clearway zones and yellow lines. These traffic laws are in place for you and your child’s safety

The safety of your children is important to Pakuranga Heights School and we ask parents to be courteous and respectful to other drivers at all times.

The church opposite the carpark has kindly offered parking at the rear as an alternative for drop-off and pick-ups when school park full – please note that this is one way only, please enter on the right (looking from the school) and exit from the left.


Fintan Kelly


Need to Know

Wednesday, 26th & Thursday 27th February 

We invite you to meet your child’s new teacher or Thursday 27th February for a ten minute interview.

The purpose of this interview is for the teacher to get to know more about your child, and talk about ways of making this a successful year of learning for them.

Academic achievement will be shared in term 2 at the three-way conference when teachers will have current assessment data.

More information to follow and a reminder email regarding booking a time will be sent home later this week.


Our Sausage Sizzle/Hamburger days starts again on Friday, 14th February with Sausage Sizzle then alternates every Friday between Sausage Sizzle and Hamburger Day.

Sausage Sizzle

Beef or chicken sausage on bread with tomato sauce (optional) $2.00

Lemonade Ice Block $2.00

Hamburger Day

Beef or chicken hamburger $3.00 (with cheese optional extra 50c)

Lemonade Ice Block $2.00

To avoid queues in the office, orders can be made online through,.  Orders are open online until Friday mornings at 9:00am or you can order at the office on Friday morning between 8:30am to 9:00am.



Signmee is our preferred online means of communication between school and  allows our school to create and send online forms that can be filled, paid and signed by parents without the need for printing and returning. Here are a few things we use Signmee for:

  • Newsletters
  • Excursion forms
  • Medical forms
  • Notifications and updates (including emergency notifications)
  • Sports events
  • School events

KINDO is our electronic payment system where our families are able to make payments at any time of the day for their childs/childrens trips, school donations, fundraisers, sausage sizzle/hamburger days and various other extra curriculum activities.

To sign up to Signmee and KINDO please visit the following websites: or follow the link

If you have any queries or require assistance please contact the school office on PH: 576 9209 or email:

When your child is absent please inform the school office by leaving a message on PH: 576 9209 or emailing  If your child is absent for 3 days due to illness a medical certificate is required and a copy given to the office staff.


If your child is late (arriving after 9:15am) they must sign in at the school office on the tablet. If your child has an appoinment and will arrive late to school please notify the school office.

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